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What trolley do you need?

What trolley do you need?

Posted in Website by BlueTrolley on April 24th 2019
When it comes to lifting and moving equipment - whether that be small items or heavy loads - using the right equipment is paramount. Failure to do so could result in injury and/or damage to the product being moved.

To help you figure out what type of equipment to use for your handling needs, we’ve outlined what type of apparatus you need depending on the item you’re planning to move.

Fragile items

We know that moving fragile items in a busy environment is easier said than done, which is why it’s so important to use the correct equipment. Let’s take a look at some fragile materials and the equipment you should use to safely move them:

  • Glass: When it comes to moving breakable items such as glass, a robust A-frame trolley should be used. This type of trolley allows you to safely load and move glass sheets from one place to another, and minimise the risk of damage.
  • Gas cylinders: Not only are gas bottles often heavy, but they generally contain toxic substances such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and can be easily damaged if not handled correctly - which could release a hazardous substance into the workplace. Cylinder and pipe-drum trolleys are the safest option, and are often available in a range of capacities and sizes, with a variety of tyres and wheels depending on your requirements. For example, some trolleys can hold more than one gas bottle at a time, and others are designed to carry one particularly large and heavy cylinder. Whatever your requirements, be sure to use the right trolley for your cylinder.  
  • Other items: If you have a fragile item, it’s a good idea to use a trolley or lifting apparatus that has fastenings to prevent the load from falling or moving during transit. It’s also useful to make sure the castors are suited to transporting fragile items. For example, a rubber castor will take the pressure of an uneven floor much better than nylon.

Heavy loads

Safely moving heavy items isn’t an easy feat. Mistakes can easily be made that can cause injuries and damage to the item being moved. For transporting heavy items efficiently around the workplace, dolly trolleys and pallet skates are an ideal choice. With the support of a large surface and a robust steel frame, heavy items will be safe during transit and the risk of injury will be drastically reduced. Their flat and sturdy frames make transporting heavy objects ‐ such as machinery or other factory equipment - easy and hassle free. Some designs even come with removable handles, so you can move your items with the help of a handle if you wish.

Bulky items

Not only are bulky items generally heavy, but they are also particularly large and hard to move. Similarly to the above, dolly trolleys and pallet skates can be useful for moving these types of items. These trolleys and skates don’t have any surrounding handles, so items can easily be loaded and moved around the premises - no matter their size or shape.

In addition to this, flatbed and platform trolleys are also an ideal appliance for bulky items. These are essentially a large, flat trolley with wheels; their sturdy frame makes moving heavy goods a whole lot easier. You can also have these trolleys with or without handles and support depending on your specific requirements. It’s pretty hard to beat the practical use of these trolleys when it comes to moving large and bulky items, so definitely consider this as an option.

In relation to bulky materials such as plasterboard, panels and sheet metal, board and sheet material trolleys are an ideal choice. These trolleys are specifically designed to support materials of a certain shape, and feature holds and railings that hold the material in place during transit. So you can be sure that you’ll be able to safely transport your goods.

Small items

For smaller items that are a little lighter and less bulky than larger items, you don’t need to use heavy-duty equipment. Instead, something more practical like a sack truck could be all you need.

Sack trucks are becoming more and more prevalent in the handling industry for their ability to manoeuvre both lighter and heavy-duty items. They are typically used to transport goods that are boxed, as the boxes can then be stacked - depending on the size and weight limit of the truck of course. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t be used to transport items that aren’t boxed. Sack trucks are very versatile when it comes to manual handling; they are easy to use and manoeuvre around.

Want to know more?

Do you have a specific question relating to trolleys or lifting apparatus? Or have a specific item you want to move, but aren’t sure how? Contact us today to see how we can help. We would be more than happy to discuss your requirements, explore your options and talk you through our made to measure service.


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